Anne Claus Interiors uses natural materials and earth tones for beach restaurant De Republiek

Sand-coloured walls serve as a backdrop to the linen, cane and teak wood furnishings inside this beachside restaurant and bar near Amsterdam, designed by Anne Claus Interiors.

De Republiek is set along a stretch of beach in Bloemendaal aan Zee, a seaside neighbourhood just an hour's train ride from central Amsterdam.

For the past 17 years, the restaurant and bar was just a temporary pavilion that was erected and dismantled each summer.

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Republiek in the chic beach town of Bloemendaal recently re-opened as a permanent beach club with a pretty impressive interior.

From temporary beach club to permanent residence.

Republiek first opened in 1999 and was a success with its Balinese atmosphere and big Buddha facing sunseekers on daybeds. As Summer doesn’t last forever in The Netherlands, lots of beach clubs open their doors temporarily. Just like ....

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Elle decoration

Expert Advice: how to use coloured stone

As we embrace a spectrum of shades, David Mahyari, CEO of natural stone specialists Solid Nature shares some tips

Ever since the influential architect and designer Patricia Urquiola started playing with different coloured marble stone back in 2013, we've seen a huge renaissance in coloured marbles and stone being used in public interiors from hotels to stores, so we decided to ask an expert about how we can best apply this to our home homes. David Mahyari, CEO of natural stone specialists Solid Nature, offers some expert insight...

Why do you think coloured stone is back in vogue? It’s currently extremely popular, and we’re seeing an increase in demand. It’s the unique, natural striations that decorate each piece of stone, and rich colour formations that inspire clients to incorporate natural stone into their environments. There is an allure to being able to access these beautiful materials sourced from places around the world including South America, the Middle East, Canada and the US.

It’s also seen as a timeless, luxurious material thanks to its versatility and availability in a wide spectrum of colours. However, the demand has increased over the last few years because it requires little maintenance. The stone is mainly used as a 2cm-solid thickness and any stains will not penetrate further than half a millimetre In the unlikely event that the stone is stained, it can easily be polished revealing a brand-new surface. Even marble that is over 100 years old can be polished and appear to be in amazing condition.



Anne Claus Interiors puts candy-striped onyx bar inside &C’s Amsterdam office

Ali Morris | 9 February 2020

Pastel-hued surfaces and colourful onyx feature in a hybrid office, store and cafe in Amsterdam, designed by Anne Claus Interiors.
Created for media company &C, the 600-square-metre workspace takes over the ground floor of an old bicycle factory in the city’s Pijp neighbourhood.
Despite its small footprint, the office comprises a store, coffee shop, kitchen, two meeting rooms and 25 work stations.
The directors of &C – Dutch actress and presenter Chantal Janzen and her husband Marco Geeratz – asked Anne Claus Interiors to make a “joyful, vivid and stimulating” space that accurately reflects the style of the brand’s various platforms.
These include a monthly magazine, website, app, online shop, TV programs and live events aimed at women aged 18 to 48.
Amsterdam office of &C, designed by Anne Claus Interiors
The studio has placed a stripy bar counter made from different-coloured slabs of onyx at the centre of the office.
The semi-precious stone has also been used to make display plinths for the shop, round tabletops in the cafe and the boardroom table.
Amsterdam office of &C, designed by Anne Claus Interiors
“The bar was a challenge to create and install,” said David Mahyari, CEO of SolidNature, the company that supplied the stone. “It involved a lot of hand craftsmanship as the piece incorporates different layers, colours and sizes of onyx.”
“We used a lot of onyx in the bar because it has a transparent and soft feel,” he added. “It also comes in the colours and tones which suit the &C brand.”
Amsterdam office of &C, designed by Anne Claus Interiors
The studio has also erected a red-framed steel partition to divide the office – which was originally a singular room – into separate staff and public areas.
Made up of different-sized panels of yellow-tinted and reeded glass, the partition provides a degree of privacy while also allowing light to filter through.
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